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Scanny 6 Wifi Portable Scanners

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·         Most Advanced Portable Scanner

Scanny 6 Wifi, is world's most advanced portable scanner. It does not need any external computer to scan, see quality or save documents. Scanny 6 Wifi is super fast as you can scan at great quality in 3 seconds.


·         Transfer Scans Easily - Use Wifi

NO need of any cables to transfer your scans from SCANNY -6 WIFI to your mobile/tablet/pc. Enjoy REAL Freedom to Scan and Use any document you like.


·         Store Scans Locally - 32gb

Scanny 6 WIFI portable scanner comes with micro sd card slot. You can buy and use memory card upto 32GB. Now you can also store your document in micro sd card and transfer data in your system later.


·         Format Supported

Scanny 6 WIFI comes with multiple format supported function. Now you can save your data in jpeg & pdf format.


·         Colour Display

Scanny 6 Wifi comes with 1.4" high quality colour display. This display will help you during your scan. You can see what you scan & what is the quality of your scan. If you don't like your scan, so you can scan same document multiple time. DO NOT LOSE ANY IMPORTANT RECORD, GET SCANNY -6 WIFI TODAY!


·         Rechargeable Battery

This portable scanner has an in-built 700mAh battery, which provide you 800 scans in single charge.


Model  Scanny 6 Wifi
Color  White
Packaging  High Quality Craft Paper
Function  Scan & Store
Speed  Scan an A4 Page in 3 seconds
Materials  High Quality Plastic
Battery  1 year
Product Code  POR 475
Capacity  More than 800 scan in Single Charge
Output JPG & PDF Format
scanner portabel scanner


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