As our Traditional Business Nema Computers working there in three parts As Ratail Partners, Distribution Partners, Corporate Suppliers.

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You already know us as ‘’Nema Computers ’’ as local domestic suppliers, we are already associated with you working as a ‘retailer’ and ‘Distibutor’ and also supplying ‘’Industrial User and Organizations’’. Now With Your support , we are starting as E-commerce Portal. As we know, E-commerce market is growing and users are moving to this market. Now it is Good time to going this Trend of Market. As same pattern we are expecting of Same Support of This Part here we are also working there in three parts. First as Retail seller where are selling our Products to End Users, Second as a Suppliers, where we are selling our Products Registered Enterprises who is already Selling of as Retailer or who is want to start there owns and Third As Industries Suppliers who having Bulk Requirement of Products, and as we know their it is not complete we also need to Providing them Types of Services and support. Where we Need To Maintain Difference Between All user, and take Benefits all user who is direct or indirect connected with us ‘’we mean that ‘’Retail User’’ (End User) Get genuine Products at Right Prices with Best Service Policies. Where if User can about product quality, company, features, and its needs and future requirement can choose (filter) it, We share our personal views and expert suggestion. Get best budget Products as per is requirement. Our Second User ‘’Enterprises User’’ where we are supporting Small and Big Enterprises unit who already selling their products or who is want to start there owns to end user but not getting of proper suppliers or proper channel suppliers. Our think remove long chain between User as today pattern our first and second both user get products with long chain suffers where it quality, price, service can’t balance proper and our both user suffer with all that problems our think with Get Reasonable Income without getting any margin issues, which is major factor who is facing this user proper margin we are very concern for Retail user which Very major part of Our Market. Our third user ’Industrial User and Organizations’’ having bulk requirement and not get proper product as per the requirement our products details and cataloging helping them, our concern for this user to get right product best price quote and having multiple choices at Actual price our in this user our focus to Government and non-government organization get product and removes thousand of false suppliers, our whom to concern how get Comfortable environment for User.